The new top secret project happening on the twenty-first floor of the Edison building is done and we can FINALLY share it with you! This newly renovated office space will be home for an engineering company called MobSquad. MobSquad is the first company to qualify for a grant through the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund, the $100 million municipal fund established by city council this spring in an attempt to tackle the dual problems of unemployment and empty downtown office towers.

The company itself, is a software engineering company and a virtual office all in one. Software engineers will be based in Calgary and paired with clients on an exclusive, long-term basis making the MobSquad their virtual Canadian office space. Through this business plan, MobSquad hopes to invest in talented software engineers outside of Silicon Valley while simultaneously benefiting the economy in Calgary.  

A company this cool, needs a very cool office space. From the moment you step off the elevator to the moment you step back on, everything about this office is unique and made just for them.

Walking off the elevator, towards the main entrance you are immediately greeted with custom made antler chandeliers that light the hallway as you enter. Next you walk into a fully open office space, filled with standing desks perfect for collaboration, a full kitchen and even an in office cafe that will be staffed each workday.

If we didn’t describe it well enough for you, MobSquad hopes to open the cafe to the public once they have been in the space for a bit, so you can check out this beautiful space for yourselves!